PTA mom

We all know a power PTA mom — you can spot her a mile away in the carpool lane because she’s always the first in line.

You can smell her before you see her. It’s the telltale scent of homemade cookies fresh from the oven for that day’s fundraising bake sale.

You can see her hands caked in paint from helping with the messiest classroom project of the year, or making 700 copies of the holiday program, or leading meetings about traffic safety, or schmoozing the principal (with a platter homemade cookies baked especially for the office staff).

You can ask her any questions about the inner workings of the school and she will know the answers, from how to procure permits for a Halloween fair and other fund or “fun”-raising activities, your school’s district ranking, plus a detailed history of its “Great Schools” scores (including all reviews), which teachers your kid must have/avoid, and so much more.

You can love her, hate her, respect her, fear her, appreciate her, revile her… but you will always be glad that she’s doing what she’s doing because you sure as hell wouldn’t want to. read more