Chocolate Bar Book

When I started the Bitch’in Challenge three weeks ago, I laid down the gauntlet and dared you to join me in working on ONE THING about yourself that you want to shift. This post, the last in a four-week series, was to be all about being the change in order to make all the work you’ve done permanent.

I had a little quandary, though, about the timing of the end of this Bitch’in Challenge four-week series: for the past two years, my holiday post has been about two amazing now eight-year-old boys: Dylan Siegel and Jonah Pournazarian. Dylan wrote a book called Chocolate Bar when he was in first grade — his goal was to raise $1,000,000 and find a cure for Jonah’s rare disease, Glycogen Storage Disease 1b. Jonah was both muse and sales manager; back in 2012 when I first interviewed the lads, they’d amazingly raised $10,000 by selling books at an event at their school. Then I followed up last December, and the boys were halfway to their goal ($500,000). What originally was a heart-warming local story about a couple of great kids and their families had become a global phenomenon that had gotten tons of press and attention, won the boys some awards, and incredibly was building over time, not subsiding. read more