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How to Quit Your Bitching


When I started blogging 4 1/2 years ago as your friendly neighborhood Bitch’in Suburbia, I was doing it out of an urge to up my creativity ante.

It was my greatest hope along the way that I’d be able to hit some nerves, make meaningful connections, tap a funny bone or two and help move the needle from fear and loathing to hope and love for all my bitches — consistently, once a week.

A highlight was being called a “popular” mommy blogger by CNN when I talked about gun violence and children. (That was three years ago and I’m SO GLAD we don’t have to talk about that tired topic anymore… oh, wait… nevermind.)

And actually, being able to stick to my Bitch’in every single week without fail was an exercise I completely recommend. It was always my dream to be a professional writer, and this here little personal blog is what kicked out the jams and gave me the confidence I needed to make that whole shebang a reality.

Aside from doing what I said I wanted to do (WRITE ON!), I also made an investment in my professional development, including taking an online digital marketing course through San Francisco State University,  Copyblogger’s kick ass Certified Content Marketers program and John Nemo’s most excellent LinkedIn Riches class. read more

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Good News!


Did you like the title of this blog post – “Good News!”?

Yah, well, if you’re anything like me (and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are), I am so emotionally exhausted by all the horrific news out there in our country and the world that I welcome good news — something, anything will do.

Sadly, you have to really dig through the headlines to unearth some rays of light.

Happily, I’m all about finding what’s most bitch’in in life, and so I’ve dug up a few nuggets to brighten your day and reassure you that all is not lost…

Taylor Swift and Kanye West are both human… and the news cycle can be interrupted by silly things like pop star “feuds”: The crazy brouhaha over whether or not Taylor was aware of Kayne’s lyrics about her in his song “Famous” that transpired this past week because of Kim’s SnapChat story was in my humble opinion, very life affirming. In it, you see Kanye talking like a normal dude who just wants to be friends, and Taylor being cordial and thanking him for the heads up, saying she was sure the lyrics about them possibly having sex cuz he “made that bitch famous,” were just “tongue and cheek.” Kim was trying to say that Taylor’s subsequent bashing of Kanye was uncool, but all it really served to do is show that Taylor is human — we yes people to death that we don’t really like to get them off our backs and then the chips fall where they may. And Kanye too, seemingly has some feelings. If any of the story is true, he was trying not to be a complete dick, which is a nice, humanizing thought as well. read more