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how to declare your independence
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How to Declare Your Independence Without Screwing Everyone Else


Last week I attended Politicon, a non-partisan, “unconventional political convention,” which had panels, discussions, a marketplace, movie screenings, live podcasting, an art gallery and something really interesting: the actual coming together of people from polar opposite sides of the aisle to discuss what the $^#%%@ is going on with this crazy world of ours.

That the convention, planned ages ago but never more timely, was on the heels of Brexit was both prescient and foreboding at the same time.

The main panel I attended pitted liberal activist and pundit Van Jones against conservative author and personality Ann Coulter. I was ready for a crazy smack down, but actually, it was a pretty levelheaded discussion about a variety of topics where both parties often agreed to disagree as civil folk tend to do.

Not to got all doomsday on you, but I’m pretty sure the pair were at least half the Horsemen (Horsepeople?) of the Apocalypse when they started the discussion by coming together on the same point: people are pissed because they’re suddenly in touch with feeling like their needs and desires aren’t being remotely addressed — never mind represented — by the people in charge. They question the process, reject authority and are pretty positive if they could just grab the wheel from the elites, they’d steer this party bus back on track and headed to a much brighter future. read more

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Set Yourself Free


It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate our independence with very public displays of excitement and rebellion — drinking too much beer, eating too many charbroiled meats and slices of flag-decorated cakes, and driving too far to find the best fireworks.

Does anyone else find the irony in all of this? We are living in one of the most dependent, intertwined times in our nation’s history, yet we still feel like somehow we’re free.

Now don’t start getting nervous, here — I’m not about to go on an Aaron Sorkin-esque diatribe about how the U.S. isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore (and if you haven’t seen The Newsroom yet, tune in immediately — it’s a summer TV must!). I’d rather be living here more than anywhere else in the world, but I am starting to feel like the ties that bind can also throttle.

My cell phone is perpetually on, and everyone knows they can always reach me. I connect multiple times daily with my kids, my husband, my biz partner, my mother, and my “village,” which includes friends old and new. We text, we IM, we Facebook, we Tweet, we even call. I fly into a panic whenever I accidentally leave my tiny space-aged tracking device on vibrate or, G-d forbid, off. And as a blogger, I’m told that if I don’t spend at least an hour a day on social media, I’m screwed. read more