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Friends Without Kids


This past weekend was the annual spring ritual of mom’s gone wild, desert version. I’m pretty sure our husbands imagined pillow fights and erotic braiding of each other’s hair, but that’s just the guy’s view/hope/fantasy…  although there was a gigantic bottle of vodka and assorted other options to take a break from reality, plus bikinis and plenty of lady lube.

AWWW, get your mind out of the gutter, people!  By lady lube, I mean the thing that really gets us girl’s juices flowing — intimate, soul-baring conversation. Yup, it was an orgy of communication.

The friends I went away with were friends with kids who are my kids’ friends. (Got that?) In a totally decadent move, we saw a matinee movie with an R rating and barely a kid in sight (despite its title), Friends with Kids.

It’s about a group of college friends, some of whom settled down the conventional way and started a family, and one couple who wasn’t a couple at all, but rashly decided to have a kid together. At the heart of the story is an interesting premise: if you skip the bullshit that goes along with real intimacy and cut right to the chase, is life any easier? Better? Happier? read more




If you’re reading this blog, you’ll be pleased to know you’re among the first to arrive at the party.

What rocks about this fiesta is that it doesn’t entail any awkward standing around, wishing someone else you knew was already here while you suck down that first drink maybe a bit too fast. That only leads down a bad path, and this blog, despite the Bitch’in its title, will never leave you high and dry, hung over, or hanging on.

This party is built for fun and fancy, laced with some mind-bending ideas and advice for getting your groove on just in the nick of time.

Welcome to the Uplift Mojo Party Plan 2012. Not to be confused with Kony 2012 (although I’d like to overthrow a dictator or two and stop child abuses… without the naked public psychotic meltdown). Maybe to be a little confused with The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Uplift Mofo Party Plan (Special Secret Song Inside not included).

Chances are you know me – presently or from as far back as either of us can remember. Since it may have been a while, let me tell you a touch about me. read more