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time flies when you unplug
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6 Smart Ways to Unplug Without Shutting Down


If you’re reading this (and I so hope you are!), you will be experiencing the modern marvel of unplugging without shutting down.

This summer I’ve moved beyond the normal staycation and done something I’ve been thinking about doing for years: planned a real live vacation.

One where the language is foreign, the terrain unfamiliar, and the urge to be a tourist is stronger than the one where I merely flop on a beach in a rejuvenating coma. While it will be easy enough to find free Wifi, I already know I’d much rather be connected to the people I’m traveling with (our BBFs and my family) than anyone else.

Ditching the digital, however, may not be that simple, as for many of us staying connected isn’t a casual thing — it’s an actual addiction. From the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, Baylor University professor James Roberts found that the average college student uses his/her cellphone nine hours a day and experiences classic symptoms of addiction including (in addition to excessive use) the loss of interest in other activities and painful withdrawal — from mild agitation when an iPhone is out of reach to full-on panic when a battery dies. read more

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Set Yourself Free


It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate our independence with very public displays of excitement and rebellion — drinking too much beer, eating too many charbroiled meats and slices of flag-decorated cakes, and driving too far to find the best fireworks.

Does anyone else find the irony in all of this? We are living in one of the most dependent, intertwined times in our nation’s history, yet we still feel like somehow we’re free.

Now don’t start getting nervous, here — I’m not about to go on an Aaron Sorkin-esque diatribe about how the U.S. isn’t the greatest country in the world anymore (and if you haven’t seen The Newsroom yet, tune in immediately — it’s a summer TV must!). I’d rather be living here more than anywhere else in the world, but I am starting to feel like the ties that bind can also throttle.

My cell phone is perpetually on, and everyone knows they can always reach me. I connect multiple times daily with my kids, my husband, my biz partner, my mother, and my “village,” which includes friends old and new. We text, we IM, we Facebook, we Tweet, we even call. I fly into a panic whenever I accidentally leave my tiny space-aged tracking device on vibrate or, G-d forbid, off. And as a blogger, I’m told that if I don’t spend at least an hour a day on social media, I’m screwed. read more