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I Know You Are, But What Am I?


If I asked you to finish the sentence, I am ________, what would you say?

I posted that challenge on Facebook, emailed a few friends, and got a landslide of responses.

The funny peeps hopped on board first…
So bloated right now that my breasts feel like saddlebags and i might actually MOOOOOO. Shocked Disney wasn’t selling ants-on-a-stick at Chimpanzee theaters’ concession stands nationwide. #missedopportunity. In a different time zone, and goin’ to lunch! 

Next were the literal folks…
Busy. A drama queen. Exhilarated by the spin class I just took. Exhausted. Walking. Hungover? French. Recommitting to yoga. Alive. 

Then there were those in touch with their feelings…
Grateful. Thankful. Loving. Resilient. Content. Fabulous. Fucking amazing. Hopeful. Stronger than my torn ACL!  Confused, heartbroken, terrified, on the edge.

Angry buggers…
Miss Money Bags… apparently to a handful of my son’s friends who consistently ask for him to pay for a drink here, a sub sandwich there. Sick of rude, crazy and moronic people. read more