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stop making fun of the 80s
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Dear World: Stop Making Fun of the ’80s – XO GenX


Hey Guys:

Just wanted to give you all a reality check. Cuz you know what GenX sez — reality bites, and actually, I feel like lately it’s taking a big ol’ chunk out of my ’80s peeps.

You know us — we’re the latchkey generation. The losers that are said to be the first bunch ‘o chumps to have less wealth than our parents. The measly 50 million or so that are bookended by “The Greatest Generation” (Baby Boomers, approximately 80 million) and the talk of the town, the Millennials (approximately 78 million).

You’d think we’d be used to being left out and kicked to the curb, but I’m here to tell you it’s not so bitch’in to be the butt of everyone’s jokes.

Take for example this past Halloween; I figured I’d see a lot of funny/pretty/scary costumes — you know, the Michael Myers, the Disney princesses, the Caitlyns, and so on.

But in the mix, I saw an interesting trend from the silly side of the holiday spectrum: a full-on explosion of ’80s sorts, including a big-haired club girl with crispy mall bangs, a “let’s get physical” lycra-clad workout chick, a Guns N’Roses Slash here and actually there. read more

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Your Bitch’in Playlist to Get Sh*t Done


One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. ~ Bob Marley

Without music, life would be a mistake. ~ Nietzsche

No pain, no mistakes, no gain. Fuck it; I’ll take music for 500, Bob.  ~ Bitch’in Suburbia

If there’s anything that your Bitch, Bob Marley, and Nietzsche can all agree upon is the importance of music as a tool for better living through grooviness.

Witness, for example, a recent post-party cleanup on New Year’s eve. The classic rock portion of the playlist came on starting with Gimme Shelter, and the motley lot of us flew into a tidying frenzy. Scorecese couldn’t have orchestrated it better — up to and including air guitar from the lone guy in the group with the rest of us rockin’ a bad Merry Clayton falsetto. Rape and murder might be just a shot away, but a clean kitchen is at your fingertips when you crank up the Stones.

Now, think about working out. I’m a big spin class girl, and a lame playlist is like listening to baseball stats during sex. A kick ass track or two or six, however, can help you lose five pounds like that — all in sweat. (For my local LA peeps, try TC’s class at Blazing Saddles. Just sayin’.) read more