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inspiration for the dog days of summer

20 Inspirational Quotes for The Dog Days of Summer


They say every dog has his day, but then again, that takes working like a dog — damn! What’s a hot bitch like you and me to do when the dog days of summer hits? Does it mean it’s not our day just because we can’t muster the energy to work like a dog?

These are questions I ask myself each year when the other Bitch’in Suburbia — my mistress, and I say that in both figurative and literal ways — has me write a guest post for her. Lucky for both of us, we have a new member of the pack to infuse some new ideas to this annual PR stunt. Not that we get any PR from this… it’s just a creative break from the normal bitch’in grind. Anyhow, this year we’ve decided to share our favorite dog-related quotes, and give them our own canine critique. A virtual chew toy for your brain, as it were. And then we can both take a really long nap to recover from all this exhaustive insight. Woof!

“The more I know about people, the more I love my dog.” ~ Mark Twain read more

essential text acronyms parents should use

Essential Texting Acronyms Every Parent Must Use


Sometimes it feels like teens and parents don’t speak the same language.

When you glance at your kid’s texts, you likely will see a slew of acronyms and other shorthand that look like utter gibberish. Perhaps you’ve taken a gander at Vine or Snapchat, and in the time it takes to adjust your readers, you’ve already missed what was so damn funny. Maybe you’ve hopped on Yik Yak, Whisper, or even Tumblr, just to see what those rumored bastions of bullying are all about, and left hours later having enjoyed a few good memes and at least one Britney Spears gif, but with no deeper understanding of how to navigate those angst-filled digital waters.

All of this may bring up some uncomfortable feelings as you realize your child has a life that is unbeknownst and unintelligible to you. There are three things you can do next:

1) Panic: This is fairly easy to do, as us 24/7 hovercraft parents can find fear in just about everything from a can of tuna to a walk around the block. Lately my inbox has been inundated with articles from Kim Komando, “America’s Digital Goddess” including her piece in USA Today,”Essential Texting Acronyms Every Parent Must Know” and on her own website, “5 Dangerous Apps You Don’t Know Your Kids Are Using.” We are the “what to expect” generation — we are plugged into the idea that knowledge is power, but it also can be powerfully scary, too. If you thought the threat of preeclampsia was bad, just imagine what happens when you find your underage child on Tinder. (I don’t know either but it makes me very nervous.) Yup, it’s easy enough to panic…. read more