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Mommy Shutdown

The Mommy Shutdown


I have a lot of empathy for politicians these days. Ensuring that everyone has proper care without impinging on his or her freedoms is no easy task. The constituents have a lot of demands, and pleasing all of the people, all of the time, can be really challenging.

I know this because my family weathered its own Mommy Shutdown. Like the government, it was one of those train wrecks I saw coming — hell, in many ways I orchestrated it — but I was too set in my ways to steer clear of derailment.

Let me say for the record my Mommy Shutdown was nothing like what we lady breeders fantasize about. It wasn’t as if I took a hike to get my groove back, only to return to a post-Apocalyptic scene featuring an empty fridge, filthy house, and children looking like extras from the set of The Walking Dead. (They need me — they really need me!)

It all started with a simple dental appointment. My son had just gotten braces on, and the orthodontist told me that he needed his teeth cleaned once every three months. read more