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The Stupidest Girl in the World


Do I look stupid to you?

Before you answer that, allow me to give you a couple of instances when I’ve been mistaken for a bonehead.

As a college freshmen, I opted to go to school in Michigan, far away from anyone and anything I remotely recognized. On top of that, I decided that rather than do something that comes naturally to me — say, be an English or a Communications major — I decided to take on economics instead.

I like a good challenge, and also I thought studying econ in the ’80s would be “fun.”

That was actually sort of an idiot maneuver, since math is not my strong suit, and nobody, save perhaps Paul Krugman*, thinks economics is “fun.”

Thus I spent hours in the library (for U of M alums, the “UGLI”), studying my ass off.

With my Walkman cranked to 11, because I like my music loud and hard. Makes me think better.

A few weeks into the semester, I made my way to a party where there were a lot of cute guys. Much to my surprise, a few of them were pointing at me. read more