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Bitch’in Life

Resolutions, Schmesolutions… 3 Words Are All You Need


It’s January 1st — so let’s just start things off with these three little words: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Inherent in this greeting is a challenge. Or maybe a command or perhaps a wish, depending on how you look at it.

The word is “happy.”

Reality says that you may already be in epic fail mode. You wake up New Year’s day and your house is trashed, you have a killer hangover, you lost your purse, you didn’t get a kiss at midnight, or you did and it was with the wrong person… and so on. You’re many things, but happy isn’t one of them, and so now the Baby New Year is just another teary-eyed infant, all cranked up to demand your attention and leave you exhausted and spent.

Sorry to bum you out, but if there is one thing I’m all about, it’s semantics.

And often resolutions are nothing but hollow words that we utter with absolutely no intention of follow-through.

Still, the urge to start fresh, to set some meaningful goals, and to look out at 365 new opportunities is irresistible. Sending wishes out into the ether is a joyous, bubbly exercise that feels as delicious and delightful as downing a flute of Veuve Cliquot. read more

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Bitch’in Life

Make Your Resolution a Mantra 2015


Have you ever heard the expression, “thoughts become things?”

I’m a big believer in that concept, as I’ve seen it play out a million times. Someone has a crazy idea, then they talk about how nuts the idea is, and then suddenly, that crazy/nutty idea is a real, live thing.

Has that ever happened to you?

I’ll bet it has, and when it did, were you shocked?

A lot of what we decide to do, we do so very unconsciously. Mindlessly. And sometimes we are thrilled to find ourselves just as we’d imagined.

Other times we aren’t sure how we got there, but we plod any anyways without ever taking the time to embrace and enjoy the path that we find ourselves on.

In my advancing years (ahem), I’ve been working on doing things with intention. And of course a new year is a great time to embark on a whole new trip. Actually, a couple of days in when you’re not washing your “resolutions” down with some bad ass booze and mind-erasing chocolate (double ahem) is the best place to strap in and take off to where you really want to go in 2015. read more

Bitch’in Life

The One Resolution To Keep


2014 is here, and we’re about a thimble-deep into the freshness of it all.

Did you make some kick-ass resolutions?

Are you already feeling the shift like a giant tidal wave of determination sending you careening towards momentous achievements?

Or are you like the rest of us who’ve already recognized that the moment of reckoning is seldom done with a deviled egg in one hand and a flute of champagne in the other (or whatever you were indulging in on New Year’s Eve)?

In fact, the older I get, the more annoyed I get with the idea of a year.

Once upon a time, 365 days felt almost endless.

And in that span, we accomplished massive things: first we graduated from being a newborn blob to crawling or even walking. Then we started to learn a foreign language, with a sizable store of vocabulary by the end of that next year. We grew teeth, lost them, and then grew them again. We got taller, gained weight, and watched our bodies morph into their adult forms.

School was also a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment, as we went through the grades, starting with counting on fingers and ending with calculus (or at least Algebra II). The school calendar also helped chunk out the year into  a progression of accomplishments: first there were concentrated blocks of time (quarters or semesters), where we got fed a ton of new information. Then there were scheduled vacations to help us recover from such intense work — winter, spring. And best of all, a longer summer (which for many of us meant camp!). read more