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When Autism Speaks, It Says Some Awesome Sh*t


“Why bother playing baseball if it’s not competitive?”

My nephew has a good question, and I know the kid will see right through a flimsy politically correct answer. A half-dozen years ago, there were lots of great ways to explain to a small child the benefits of non-competitive sports. But my nephew is almost in middle school, and there’s no use in pretending that not keeping score is any fun for someone his age.

“My old team was a bunch of disabled kids,” he goes on to explain. “They totally sucked. One guy got like 15 pitches — which is ridiculous!”

There are so many un-PC thoughts strung together in that sentence that I can’t help but laugh out loud. I am watching my nephew bounce back and forth on the steel bleachers at my daughter’s softball game, and as he goes into a long diatribe about how lame it is when everyone is a winner, I have to nod in agreement.

“I would be good if I just played more,” he says.

He grabs a bat to both illustrate his point and also to alleviate the boredom of being a kid watching someone else playing ball. I scan the faces of the fans surrounding me and see actual fear, which makes me laugh a little more. He’s not swinging the thing, only using it like a cane for a silly little soft shoe dance. read more