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New Beginnings: The Good, The Bad & The Cute as Hell

It’s that time of year again; as winter recedes, spring bursts forth full of new possibilities.

I embrace change, even though every new beginning is some other beginning’s end (at least according to my old pal Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger and also the more contemporary, albeit one-hit wonder band, Semisonic).

That said, change is never easy. Take for example this here Bitch’in blog and its spanky fresh look. It’s been two months in the making, with a fair amount of agonizing over the new direction. Most significantly, I make the tough decision to shed the kitschy/campy collage vibe of the original design that included elements like a basket of laundry, a wood-paneled station wagon, “mom” tattoo, and even an apple pie…. with my stalwart Bitch’in Suburbia mascot standing guard over it all.

When I paired it all down, the thing that it comes down to is the writing. My mitts (in dishwashing gloves or not, although who doesn’t multi-task?) On a keyboard.

Done and done.

And while I love me some clutter, things have changed a lot in the last three years since I started this journey. Aesthetically, I’ve moved into a calmer, more streamlined phase of life. And it’s not just me; if you look around, everyone is trimming his/her bushy old online looks to simpler, more modern, light and mobile styling.

NOTE: If you’re reading a man/ladyscaping analogy into what I just said, bonus points for you!

Change happens sometimes when you want it to, and sometimes not so much. How you roll with it is really the key.

Back to my stalwart Bitch’in Suburbia — the dog — not just the blog. Turns out she’s been a little more anxious than stalwart of late, and has suddenly been displaying troubling separation anxiety likely related to me working longer hours, the kids being out later with sports, and perhaps just sheer boredom being left to her own devices for several hours at a time.

I get it; there’s only so much daytime TV I can watch, too.

The adage “ages and stages,” though most often said about kids, also easily applies to all beasts. Just when you think you’re in a groove, things shift, and you’re back to the drawing board.

Back to your old friend, change.

And so, we went on a Mission From Dog, and are now fostering a little rescue mutt who is doing an excellent job auditioning for the role of newest member of the family and companion for our bitch.

As he marks his (multiple) spots, ignores commands, and reveals only the tiniest corners of what we suspect is a big personality, I have to admit I have some trepidation about starting over.

The only thing I know to anticipate is the unanticipated, and there is a nervous anxiety I feel when I consider the long road as we open not only our lives, but also our hearts, to this scary, albeit cute as hell, new direction.

What was I saying about clean and streamlined?

The truth is that there is nothing more exciting, in my opinion, than the journey from the unknown and perhaps chaos, to the knowing-ish and order.

And then, to mess the joint all up, and start fresh once again.

I have some big ideas about where I’m going next with my bitches — and by that, I mean you.

I am so grateful for your eyeballs, your comments, your readership, and especially for those moments when we connect in on a deep level. It’s not so easy muddling through this life — and this mid section is especially big ‘n busy — but it’s so very gratifying when we hit a collective aha moment.

And thus the Bitch’in continues — new look, same basic idea that the topics covered are never black and white absolutes; just a gray area that becomes as comfortable as old sweats once we accept that the contradictions of life are endless.

So if you see me making out with a little Bastard in Suburbia, just know that big changes always begin with little first steps. And it’s always much easier to accept when wrapped up in a cute new package.

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    Good for you. It looks great.

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