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Make Your Resolution a Mantra 2015

Have you ever heard the expression, “thoughts become things?”

I’m a big believer in that concept, as I’ve seen it play out a million times. Someone has a crazy idea, then they talk about how nuts the idea is, and then suddenly, that crazy/nutty idea is a real, live thing.

Has that ever happened to you?

I’ll bet it has, and when it did, were you shocked?

A lot of what we decide to do, we do so very unconsciously. Mindlessly. And sometimes we are thrilled to find ourselves just as we’d imagined.

Other times we aren’t sure how we got there, but we plod any anyways without ever taking the time to embrace and enjoy the path that we find ourselves on.

In my advancing years (ahem), I’ve been working on doing things with intention. And of course a new year is a great time to embark on a whole new trip. Actually, a couple of days in when you’re not washing your “resolutions” down with some bad ass booze and mind-erasing chocolate (double ahem) is the best place to strap in and take off to where you really want to go in 2015.

The awesome thing about “new adventures” as you get older is that it can be something as simple as shifting your perceptions and deciding to place your focus on feeling a certain way. Now is the perfect time to set goals that take you INWARD and ONWARD!

Meanwhile, that also might sound like a lot of work. As a world-class goal setter who often meanders on the way to the finish line, I can tell you that the distractions can be delightful. But when you notice how far off course you’ve gone, getting back on track can be a bitch (and not in the good way). Have no fear — I’ve got the best way to plot a course for your new year’s goals and intentions, and it’s easy AND super effective.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been doing social media marketing guru and general smarty pants, Chris Brogan’s “My Three Words,” annual exercise. The idea is to pick three words to use as a daily reminder of what you aim to achieve in the year to come.

The key is to pick words that are positive and clear. For example, one of my words last year was “groove.” I picked it because I had been feeling like my life was a series of fits and starts, which made it difficult if not impossible to move through each day smoothly and with a sense of accomplishment. 2014 dawned with once-in-a-lifetime project — Find Me I’m Yours, an interactive eBook/ginormous transmedia project — and I knew that pulling off something that large AND being present with my family at the same time would entail a serious groove — something scored by Bruno Mars, perhaps –oh yeah, I’m talking that freakin’ deep.

“Groove” guided me well all year long, and my devotion to keeping life flowing led me to the startling conclusion that the best grooves have not just a full dance card, but a full dance floor as well. In 2014 I learned how to ask for help, and also hired help, which allowed me to shimmy through the year easily and smoothly.

My next word was “juggernaut.” A freakin’ awesome bit o’ lingo, but for all its grandeur, it ultimately was a little unfocused. And I like to put my words at the tip of my fingers each and every day, so I incorporate them into my passwords and NEVER click “Keep me signed in.” So it was a lot of finger-cramping work to stay devoted to being a damn juggernaut.

The last word was money. This ended up working out really well too, although not exactly how I intended. While I envisioned buckets of dough flying into my bank account, that was probably a bit of a pipe dream. What it did, though, was make me really safeguard my hard-earned cash, and so I was much more attentive to financial statements, bills, and anything that had to do with my bottom line. I questioned everything, including our property taxes this year, and when the annual increase there felt out of whack, I picked up a phone, jumped on my computer, and filed forms to petition it. That led to a four-figure decrease in our annual property tax payment, so word up my bitches: thoughts become words become things, and then you might just have enough left over to buy some fancy new shoes.

This leads me to this year’s Three Words. I’m still doing the same exercise, but I decide to pick ONE word that stands for all three. And that’s my mantra for 2015.

The first word I’m picking is JOY.

If you’ve been following this here blog, you know that I am a very outspoken lover/hater of our multi-tasking, busy ass modern life. It’s a big reason that I wrapped up December doing a four-week Bitch’in Challenge to help encourage all of us to take a minute and get our physical, spiritual, and mental shit together. While that was going on, I kept thinking about some awesome advice I got from my wisest BBF who left this planet way too soon. She used to tell me, “Don’t postpone joy.” And I realize that to be the groovy, productive chick I strive to be, I have a tendency to ditch her advice and settle for content… happiness even.  That’s a good start, but in 2015 it’s joy to the world, baby, and to me that means big adventures, deeply satisfying time with my family, head-first creative actions and activities, and reading the Sunday New York Times cover to cover. (Joy comes in all sizes to suit every predilection, just sayin’)

The next word I’m picking is ACHIEVE.

The funny thing about that word is that it came to me during Savasana (for your non-yogi’s, that’s the final resting pose after a practice — also known as corpse pose.) The timing fascinates me, and so I’m going with it. So far, my feeling is that every day is full of achievements large and tiny, and that taking time to appreciate each and every little victory is a big, phat win.

And finally, my third word is MAGIC.

I don’t mean pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but I do mean that miracles come out of thin air and you just have to be open to them. Also when you say something is “magic,” you’re also saying it’s awe-inspiring, fascinating, and wonderfully, inexplicably amazing. Seeing the world through the stunning lens of magic seems like a great way to view all that 2015 has to offer.

So if you see me JAMMING along with a shit-eating grin on my face, a determined look in my eyes, and a magic wand in my hand, just know that I’m casting not just a spell, but a big, phat net with my three words turned mantra for 2015. I’d love to hear what yours are, too — please comment! AND HAPPY JAMMING NEW YEAR to you!

Now enjoy this JAMMIN’ classic from Bob Marley to usher in your three words and new year with peace, joy, and all good vibes:

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  • Reply Coleen Campbell-Olwell January 2, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    Happy New Year to Bitch'In Suburbia! Love this and was looking forward to see what you were going to write this Friday. Joy…Achieve…Magic! Awesome ! I'm definitely been hearing a lot about finding joy in ones life lately..and then again with you. So I'm thinking that too will be one of my three, if you don't mind sharing. Today I'm going I sit down and write. I get a lot from setting goals thanks to you. It's encouraged me to feel empowered and for that I'm truly thankful. Happy New Year and I hope your year is full of Joy, Achievements and Magic! Xo

    • Reply Trudi January 2, 2015 at 12:11 pm

      Joy is always best when it’s shared!! So grateful to have you keeping me on track & moving forward- love you!!! Xxxoo

  • Reply Davida Sherman Dinerman January 4, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    Great post Trudi Smith Roth! You were, are and always will be a picture of Joy, Achieve and Magic. I cannot help but think of the times when Jammin' blasted through the Camp Matoaka – The Official Camp of Summer campus. And of our beloved Raybo hopping around the tennis courts.

  • Reply 1652503352 January 4, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    Great post Trudi Smith Roth! You were, are and always will be a picture of Joy, Achieve and Magic. I cannot help but think of the times when Jammin’ blasted through the Camp Matoaka – The Official Camp of Summer campus. And of our beloved Raybo hopping around the tennis courts.

  • Reply Trudi Smith Roth January 5, 2015 at 12:23 am

    Thanks Davida Sherman Dinerman!!! Totally Jammin' came from Raybo and Jeannie too (Remember her?) That brings a smile and a tear too realizing Raybo's no longer on this plane. But I will JAM in his honor!! XOXO

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