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Hello Gentle Readers,

I’m Trudi Roth, your Hostess with the Mostest… and hopefully, your bitch.

You know, someone who makes you laugh ’til you can’t breathe, holds your hair back when you puke, brings you chicken soup when you’re sick, and gives you a big ass hug when you are down and out. I’ll reassure you that you’re not losing your mind — maybe only your sense of self — and then I promise to help you find the way back to not just who you are, but who you are meant to be.

Like you (maybe, probably) I grew up in the suburbs to children of the ’50s who had a mixed bag of beliefs including, in no particular order, the idea that hard work led to security and a chicken in every pot, and women can do anything men do (as long as their work doesn’t interfere with their ability to keep the house clean, hot meals on the table, kids raised “right”). That mentality led to, in a somewhat particular order, my getting a B.A., a M.S., a career that led me all the way to a VP title, a husband, two kids, a stint as an at-home mom, then a long period of clawing my way back into the work force, to an in-process stretch of launching my career as a writer. The face-first nosedive from full-time urban career woman (aka, chief ass kisser) to full-time suburban at-home mom (aka chief ass wiper) was incredibly disorienting, to say the least.  It took me several years and a recurrence of an earlier panic disorder to recognize that I made a choice. And that choice involved rejecting black and white ideas that involved all or nothing to find a fuzzy, gray, in-between place that is as comfortable as old sweats.

Today I’m a writer, playwright, content marketer, web show cast member, wife, mom, rebel with a bunch of causes, and of course, a bitch – in the best sense of the word; bold, strong, willing to take risks. This blog came about because I have something to say about the nature of our generation. I think that we have been sold a bill of goods that says we can do it all. We should do it all. We should be the highest of high achievers, and our spawn, should we choose to have them, should transcend us… a brutal task that entails catapulting them up and over a gigantic mountain of stuff that should guarantee their success, if not their Irritable Bowel Syndrome and addiction to Adderall. Life is just shoulding all over us!

Look, I’m not perfect, only searching for a reasonable facsimile thereof. And only a bitch has the balls to reject what’s been handed down or handed to us in favor of something different. Something alternatively awesome (as in “you’re so bitchin’”) and hard (as in “life’s a bitch”). It takes fortitude to do the deed we do these days.  Courage and conviction to find a way to a career, a passion, a partner, a family and/or at least one devoted and loving pet. Nothing is clear, and everything is possible. And I believe that finding our way there starts with a conversation and a voice, with a dash of self-awareness that tells us we have to be fucking nuts to do what we’re doing… and still love every second of it.

Am I your bitch? Damn straight I am!

PS: When your children tell you, “hey mom, you should try out for _____,” consider taking their advice. Thanks to my son who told me that his favorite YouTube channel was looking for “adults” for their new program, I’m now a cast member on the Fine Brother’s YouTube show, “Adults React.” It’s so much fun, the Fine Bros. are awesome, their whole cast ‘n crew are adorable, talented, and kind, and all of their shows are seriously fun for the whole family. Here’s the first one I was on:

Want more? Please check out the Playlist of Adults React episodes I’m in – CLICK HERE

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